The House In Tyne Street: Childhood Memories of District Six

In the course of 27 short chapters, Linda Fortune draws a vivid picture of a place, time and lifestyle that no longer exist. This book never gets bogged down in politics. Instead, it succeeds in recreating a specific time and specific place with its focus firstly on one family in particular, warts and all. A bigger picture also emerges, that of a whole community: people teachers, shop-keepers, barbers, entertainers and specific places movie-houses, shops, streets and lanes still recalled by many who lived there. Eighteen black and white photographs by photographers such as Cloete Breytenbach, J H Greshoff, George Hallet and Noor Ebrahim, and family snapshots from Linda s own collection, adds to the value of The House in Tyne Street as a recreation of and testament to the District.


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