April Supper Club with Koketso Sachane

by | 12 Apr 2018 | Supper Club

Koketso Sachane

“Conversations in and about our City” with broadcaster, moderator and communicator, Koketso Sachane

With the topic of land restitution and land expropriation without compensation once again brought to the fore, it is fitting that the District Six Museum’s April Supper Club Series tackle this very emotive topic.

The Supper Club Series, which takes place the last Thursday of every month, will for the year of 2018, hold conversations around the theme, “Conversations in and about our city”.

This April, the Supper Club will host broadcaster, moderator and communicator, Koketso Sachane, who will share his thoughts on dispossession, apartheid special planning and colonialism in a South African context.

“As a country, let alone a city, we come from a fractured past with various lived experiences. Honest dialogue presents an opportunity for us not only to understand each other but also, based on that understanding and respect for lived experiences, to be able to collectively create cities we all have ownership of,” said Sachane.

He added: “The city’s landscape remains rooted in a history of dispossession which through colonial and apartheid spatial planning has had the obvious and unavoidable manifestation through existing economic disparities. One cannot discuss the landscape of our city in economic, social and even spiritual terms without discussing the question of the land.”

Bonita Bennett, Director of the District Six Museum, explained the decision for the Supper Club’s 2018 theme “Conversations in and about our City” was importat for communities of Cape Town to share in conversation and dialogue about the city they live in, and the Museum hopes to be one of those platforms where people feel comfortable enough to debate around these very lively topics of conversation, said Bennett.

“When speaking about the city, sometimes it is the CBD that is being referred to, and at other times it is the broader metropolitan city. Either way, there are many initiatives that seek to support a broad citizen movement to reclaim the city, reimagine the city, rebuild the city, etc.

“The District Six Museum forms part of that broad movement and seeks to provide one more platform for engaging in conversations – through both listening and speaking – which contributes towards building understanding between people with different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds,” said Bennett.

She added that cities are inspiring platforms for engagements, and “Conversations in and about our city” seeks to add depth to Cape Town as one such platform.

Said Koketso on why Capetonions should join the conversation: “The forced removals of District Six and the fact that those displaced have yet to return remains a blight on the moral make-up of Cape Town. Having this important conversation at the District Six Museum serves as a reminder to us all that we have unfinished business. My hope is that fellow residents come with a willingness to engage in honest and unfiltered conversation. My approach is not about what I have to say but rather the engagement and flow of conversation as a collective.”

“Conversations in and about the City” will take place on Thursday 26 April 2018, 6pm for 6:30pm, at the Museum’s Homecoming Centre, 15 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. Tickets are R150 and includes a welcome drink, main meal, dessert, and a hot drink with koesisters to round-off the evening. Advance bookings through Webtickets or by direct deposit made by Wednesday 25 April earn a discount of R 20 per ticket.

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About the District Six Museum’s Supper Club series:

The Supper Club Series brings people together who might ordinarily not have met, and also creates opportunities for friends to meet up with each other. It aims to contribute to a culture which encourages the expression of different points of view in a space which is contained and supportive.      

About Koketso Sachane:

Koketso Sachane is a radio and communications practitioner with experience in the public and private sector. Sachane currently hosts a talk show on Cape Town regional radio station, Cape Talk. He is a former communications advisor in the Western Cape Provincial and National governments. Sachane is a passionate broadcaster with interest in the role dialogue plays in understand history and forging interpersonal and intercontinental linkages.