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Also God’s Children? Encounters with street kids
Author: Heather Parker Lewis
Price: R 150.00
This book is intended for the business person, housewife, shopper and shopkeeper, student of social work or psychology and any professional person, whether in the medical or legal profession, the police force, or in any position of civic responsibility, as well as the unwary tourist. It’s a book for anyone who, in the course of the day, is likely to meet, or be accosted by, a street child and ask: Who is this child? Why is he living on South Africa’s streets? Is his incredible story really true? What about rehabilitation? Can he honestly be helped in a meaningful and long-lasting way?
Fields of Play Catalogue
Price: R 120.00
Fields of play: football memories and forced removals in Cape Town explores the rich local histories of football in Cape Town from 1862 until the Group areas Act ushered in the period of forced removals in the 1950’s. In presenting Fields of Play the Museum builds on its methodology of combining oral histories and narratives drawn from vast private and public collections to enliven our understanding of the meaning of forced removals.
God’s Gangsters
(Prison Culture & History)

Author: Heather Parker Lewis
Price: R 150.00

The Number Gangs in South Africa’s prisons are living legends and unique when compared with other prison gangs across the globe. They have created their own culture based on an idiosyncratic history, hierarchical structure, invisible garments, laws and punishments rituals and a language that requires the indoctrinated to speak in metaphors and symbols. In prison the gang members dedicate their lives to a dangerous, fantastic mythology that permits the assertion of power through vicious acts of retribution.
Heather Parker Lewis writes of Mzozephi Mathebula the magnetic anti-hero whose spirit has haunted South Africa’s prisons for over a hundred years. The birth, life, achievements and transmogrification of Mzozephi, as he adopts the title of Nongoloza- to become the chief aharater in a tragic drama- are presented with insight and sensitivity.
Hands on District Six
(Information & Research)
Price: R 50.00
Reflections on the Conference, Hands on District Six: Landscapes of Postcolonial Memorialisation provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues raised during presentations and discussions at the District Six Museum’s 2005 Conference. It presents the reader with a visual and textual journey through the four-day Conference, ending with a section which points to a following publication which will reflect different responses to the range of challenges surfaced. A vital strength of the Conference was that it invited participation from people involved in a diverse range of fields, locally, nationally, and internationally. Various platforms were created from which themes relating to memory, heritage, community and site, amongst other things, were explored from theoretical as well as from practice-based perspectives. The notion of site as both a geographical location and a farming concept emerged strongly throughout, and further focus will be given to this.
Journey to Myself
Author: Julia Landau
Price: R 130.00
Hope. Hatred. Rape. Drugs. Murder. Abuse. Separation.
Survival. Faith. Forgiveness. ‘Journey to myself’ is the first book in South African women’s creative writings from prison. Read the stories of women who learnt to feel good.
Lyrics in Paradise
Author: Shabbir Banoobhai
Price: R 170.00
when love burns, we call it sun
when love cools, we call it moon
when love forms, we call it cloud
when love falls, we call it rain
the stars have left the sky
to find where light begins
now nestling in your heart
what else but myriad stars
its’s raining music in the spheres
beyond the consciousness of tears
beyond the clouds of earthly fears its’s raining music in the spheres
No Time for Dreams
Author: James Matthews
Price: R 165.00
James Matthews has also produced two books of poetry, Cry Rage and Pass me a Meatball Jones, and edited an anthology of poetry Black Voices Shout. The three books were banned by the then South African Government. James Matthews firmly states that he is not a Poet, declaring that his works are expressions of feelings.
Noor’s Story: My Life In D6
Author: Noor Ebrahim
Noor has many stories to tell. His stories are not just about his life, they describe a way of life. He shares with us unique, never to be repeated experiences. We are told about his family, school days, life as a teenager, working at Reader’s Digest, New Year’s Eve, the Coon Carnival, Ramadaan, Babbie shops, favourite movies and cafes, who sang at the public washbaths, the burglary at Banks, the talented Abed Brothers, dancer Johaar Mosaval, Sandra MacGregor the artist, and lots more. Life in District Six combined all the elements of the human spirit. Noor tells us about love, friendship, humour and harmony, as well as hardship and suffering. In this charming book, Noor has captured, through his stories, the warmth of family and community that is the essence of Noor himself.
Ouma’s Autumn
Author: Patricia Schonstein Pinnock
Price: R 220.00
All the stories that are deep, deep in my heart came from my Ouma. Every morning I sat with her on the stoep watching life in the road. We knew all the families in Harfield Village and everything that happened there. Our stoep was small and across two of its stone pillars grew thick bougainvillaea which always bloomed in deep, rich red flowers. Then one day the Group Areas Act came to the neighbourhood…and my dreams began to fall apart. This sad, funny story of a little girl and her Ouma is written around a unique collection of photographs of District Six and Harfield Village. It is a story of remembering and forgetting.’
Saturday in Africa
Author: Patricia Schonstein Pinnock
Price: R 190.00
These poems are a gift to Nelson Mandela on his birthday and celebrate his unfolding dream which is South Africa. They are about our history and new beginnings in Africa. They capture the tensions between city and wilderness, old and new, war and peace, oppression and the struggle for freedom.
Author: Patricia Schonstein Pinnock
Price: R 210.00
A run-down block of flats in central Cape Town becomes a young girl’s gallery of self-discovery in the moving story of the emotional carnage caused by the civil wars in Africa. Drug dealers from Nigeria, Zimbabwean wire-workers, immigrants from Rwanda and Sudan, and Mozambican refugees – all escaping the ruins of war in the peace of the newly democratic South Africa – bear down on her fragile world, then scoop her into theirs. Skyline is an unflinching look at one girl’s coming of age in the colourful and violent streets of a city waking up to the rest of Africa.
The Truth is on the Walls
Author: Naz Gool-Ebrahim With Co-Authors – Donna Ruth Brenneis, Shahena Wingate-Pearse
Price: R 230.00
THE STORIES OF NAZ GOOL EBRAHIM AND DISTRICT SIX are intimately linked; in fact it is hard to imagine the one without the other. As the niece of Cissie Gool, Naz came from fighting stock. Strong women with strong voices ran in the family. So when the Apartheid Government declared the ‘District’ a slum in 1966 and announced plans to flatten it, Naz wasn’t about to lose all that she held dear without a fight. She became the voice of the voiceless, both in South Africa and in the USA and was nominated as ‘Woman of the Year’. Naz combined her radical political activism with her roles as devoted wife and mother to six children. Up until the end of her life in 2005, she worked tirelessly to oppose the evil of racial segregation. To her opponents, she was an indomitable adversary, but to her friends she was ‘Naz-a-ma-tazz’, a great lady who certainly knew how to tell a story and put on a good show.
Thobile’s Dream
(Children’s Book)
Author: Patricia Schonstein Pinnock
Price: R 180.00
Thobile’s Dream is the enchanting story of a young man called Thobile who lives a very ordinary life in London. Through his dreams he realises that he needs an adventure, and that the animals of his ancestral home are calling him back to Africa.