District Six staff and Seven Steps members visit Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum

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As part of our commitment to engaging with our own communities’ histories, District Six Museum staff and Seven Steps members visited Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum on Tuesday 26 June. For many people this was their visit to Lwandle, and for some it was their first up-close encounter with the stories of migrant labourers. The visit to Hostel 33 was particularly enlightening as people heard stories of how migrant labourers and their families made life work for them, despite the limitations of the living space that they occupied.

Arriving at Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum

Entering Hostel 33, which tells the story of living as a migrant within the living quarters which have been retained as close to what it was when it served as a single-sex hostel under Apartheid. Hostel 33 has been declared a Provincial Heritage Site

Listening to Masa Soko, Manager of the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum

The posed group shot at Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum!