February 2018 Seven Steps Members’ Club

by | 15 Mar 2018 | Uncategorized

February was a particularly busy time for members of the Seven Steps Club, which is an honorary membership club for former residents of District Six and friends of District Six. Most of the members are elderly. Sadly some are confined to their beds and others have general mobility issues so they are not able to attend the monthly gatherings. The quarterly newsletters sent by ‘snail-mail’, the SMS updates and occasional home visits – which we don’t manage to do often enough – are the ways in which contact is maintained remotely.

Those who are able to attend on a regular basis make up for the absence of others with their vibrancy and energy! The Seven Steps gatherings and related activities are an important source of life and inspiration for the work of this Museum.


Seven Steps members preparing the cairn of stones on the CPUT campus for the annual commemoration on 11 February- the day that District Six was declared a white area in 1966.

Seven Steps members together with members of the public participate in the annual 11 February commemoration: a walk of remembrance, ritual at the cairn of stones and site-marking.

Seven Steps members helping to clarify the Museum’s vision through a strategic planning session.