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Heritage Day 2016 in District Six: Harrington Square



As we prepare to face the highs and lows that 2017 is likely to present us with, I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who continues to support the Museum year after year. Thank you, too, to those who have recently come on board to support and participate in the projects which are the lifeblood of the Museum’s work.  We are so aware that without your participation, we would not have been able to achieve the heights that we have.

Looking forward to another wonderfully active year, and to great strides being made in the area of restitution.




11 February 2016 marked 50 years since the declaration of District Six as a ‘whites only’ area. This float constructed by the Cape Town Carnival team formed part of the walk of remembrance that marked the day.



Tags tied by  members of the community along the fence which separates the public from the precious memory cairn of stones which is now within the boundaries of a block of residences constructed by CPUT for students.

11 February 2016

Have you pledged your support for the National Heritage Site yet?

A MOBILE MOMENT:  Suitcase exhibition


A moment of silence as everyone finds their street on the map, Heritage Day 2016


The launch of the Huis Kombuis food and memory cookbook which had been in the making for a good while was a proud moment for all of those who participated in the project. November 2016


Al Haq neighbourhood store, having traded in Harrington Street for 38 years, had to close down as the building was to be revamped and used for a different purpose. Their absence has been a sore loss for those who live or work in the area.


Looking ahead to 2017

 Seven Steps members’ mornings at the Homecoming Centre


  1. Tuesday 31 January, 11h00
  2. Tuesday 27 February, 11h00
  3. Tuesday 27 March, 11h00


11 February commemoration

Please diarise Saturday 11 February for the 51st commemoration of District Six being declared a white area. The programme will start at the Museum at 11h00.


Huis Kombuis book launch

Thank you to all those who supported the programme over the years, as well as the launch. Please continue to promote the book which is available at the Museum’s bookshop as well as at some other bookshops.


Museum of Childhood

District Six Museum has been approached to contribute to this exciting project which will be opening in Rondebosch during the course of the year (date to be announced). Do you have a childhood memory that you would like to share? We would like to hear your story.


Peninsula Maternity Hospital (PMH) Memorialisation Project

Since September last year a group of PMH staff and District Sixers have been busy creating artworks that will grace the walls of the new building.  It has been a very positive process for all the artists and participants involved and we look forward to inviting you to the launch of the artwork at the end of March. Do you have a PMH story you would like to share with us?

(Launch date to be announced)

 RSVP for all events to Zahra Hendricks or Nicky Ewers: 021—466 7200. reception@districtsix.co.za / nicky@districtsix.co.za