Project & Programmes

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Programme 1: Heritage Ambassador Programme (HAP)
Programme 2: Young Curators’ Programme (YCP)
Programme 3: Young Facilitators’ Programme (YFP)

Programme 3: Young Facilitators’ Programme (YFP)

Twice a year a two-day programme is organised for primary school learners from schools in District Six, and from organisations or schools in places to which people were displaced. The programme is facilitated youth involved in our YFP during the midyear school break and then again at the end of the school year when the Museum commemorates Emancipation Day 

The midyear programme focuses on activities that move participants through processes of engaging with Apartheid Laws, racism, exploitation and oppression into a new ‘imagined’ reality when they wake up the next morning faced with the challenges of shaping a democracy from the ruins of Apartheid.

The year-end programme focuses on activities that move participants through processes of engaging with the arrival of colonialism and slavery, through to participation in the annual Emancipation Day ‘Walk in the Night’ after which they experience waking up in the morning with the challenge of understanding and celebrating freedom.

The learning activities which form part of both programmes are all fun, energising, creative and entertaining, but they also challenge young participants to work together across barriers of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability.

Junior Movie Club (JMC)

The JMC is a collaborative project that aims to “bring the magic of movies to young people by encouraging the love and appreciation for film and storytelling and, in doing so, grow an audience of film enthusiasts” (The JMC Facebook page). Once a month, young people between the ages of 11-15 years are invited to watch a movie together. The aim thereafter is to create the space for fruitful, creative and energising workshops followed by discussions or presentations of their experiences of the film.

Young people who attend three films will receive a JMC membership and an official affiliation with the District Six Homecoming Centre.