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Photographer: Paul Grendon

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Huiskombuis Food and Memory Cookbook Launch
Reminiscence Theatre Project
The Community Survey
Two Rivers Project
Albert 'Hurry, Hurry' Johanneson: Mini-exhibition & Comic Book Launch

The Community Survey

The project aimed to understand the challenges of the restitution process for claimants, and how the District Six community might be able to impact on as well as benefit from the work of the Museum.

The Community Survey project focused on conducting life history interviews and re-connecting with a broader range of former residents who are either returning to District Six, or have chosen not to return, and others who are currently living in the area. The aim was to understand how people experienced the challenges of the restitution process, and how the District Six community might be able to impact on, as well as benefit from, the work of the Museum. A number of questionnaires were completed by members of the Museum’s Seven Steps club- individually, in focus groups and several life history interviews were also conducted.

A second phase of the project involved conducting oral history interviews with former residents from the Horstley and the Cross Street area in particular. Workshops were held with a small cluster of residents who had lived in Horstley Street, to map the street, build the residential record of families who lived there, and identity landmarks that made up this small micro-community.

This project was sponsored by the NLDTF

(All projects and programmes of the District Six Museum are structured inter-departmentally, with a lead department being assigned to each. The Community Survey was a project of the Collections, Research and Documentation Department of the Museum and was co-ordinated by Chrischené Julius.)